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Book Tip of the Month

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Even if a book is in a language you don’t speak, you can still cuddle up and share it with your little one!

Sharing books with children is a great way for them to hear lots of words. And you don't even have to be able to speak or read the language that the book is written in.

Choose any book, cuddle up with your child and look at the pictures together. You can talk about what you see, and even make up your own story in your home language.

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First Book Canada

Are you looking for high-quality, affordable books to give away in your healthcare, early childhood or story time programs for kids in need?

The Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation is collaborating with First Book Canada to offer books to programs at reduced prices thanks to publishers from across Canada. Most of these titles are "board books" – perfect for babies and very little ones.

Visit the First Book Canada Marketplace

Scholastic Canada


Scholastic Canada often has books available in English and French at discounted prices for charitable and non-profit programs.

Please email to discuss your program needs.