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Give the gift of reading

For children and their families, the pandemic has been a struggle. Lockdown measures and their knock-on effects have deeply affected children’s learning and literacy.

Since 2020, children’s literacy rates in Canada have suffered. Recent data shows that 30% of six-year-olds aren’t reading at grade-level. For children from low-income households, that figure jumps to 40%. Unfortunately, kids who are behind at age six are more likely to stay behind on their learning journey and throughout their adult lives.

At the Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation (CCLF), we’re on a mission to change this reality.

We’re helping children and families in Canada develop the literacy skills they need to reach their full potential. We do this through innovative literacy programs, like Early Words/Premiers mots and Lost & Found/Les histoires retrouvĂ©es, and through advocacy and public policy initiatives.

But we need your help.

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