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Book Sharing Tips

More about Early Words

Books and Diversity

Science tells us that babies’ brains notice race in the very early months of life. Preschoolers have lots of questions about the people they see around them as they shape their view of the world. One of the best ways for children to learn about diversity is through books.

Babies love faces!

Babies notice faces before they notice other types of objects. This is why they love games like peek-a-boo and looking at themselves in mirrors. Babies also love seeing pictures of real faces in printed photographs and books!


You can use the same book no matter how old the child is!

Adjusting how you engage a child with a book based on their age, keeps them interested and learning! Canada Animals by Paul Covello is full of great pictures for lots of ages.


If a child is…..

0 to 12 months:

Name and point to pictures.

"Goose! Nest! Grass! Lake! Clouds!

12 months to 2 years:

Describe what you see.

"The baby geese are yellow! The nest is round! The grass is long!"

2 years to 3 years:

Ask child to point to pictures. Point and count items in the book.

"Where is the nest?” “Can you show me a goose that’s flying?"”

“"1-2. There are 2 big geese on the grass! And 1-2-3-4-5-6. There are 6 baby geese on the grass!"

3 to 5 years:

Make connections to the child’s life.

"These geese are swimming in the lake. Remember when we went swimming in the pool? The water was so cold that day! What do you like about swimming?"