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January 25, 2021

Introducing a new Book Portal for early literacy programs

We are delighted to partner with First Book Canada to get books into tiny hands through programs that support early literacy across Canada.

From birth, books and reading can play a crucial role in a young child’s reading journey, helping to set them up for success in school and throughout life. But not all homes have books. That is why many organizations across the country distribute books to families with young children, either right after a child is born or at other times in the pre-school years. We want to help.

Quality, affordable books

Some programs have told us they struggle to find large numbers of curated, low-priced, high-quality books for babies and young children – especially board books that babies can sink their teeth into!

Our goal is to help early literacy organizations to focus on what they do best – inspiring young children with a love of reading and building a foundation for future success.

If your charity or non-profit organization is interested in finding out more about how you can order books, visit the book-ordering portal here: For more information, see the news release here.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does it work?

First Book Canada has reached out to publishers across the country to get special pricing for non-profit and charitable groups working with vulnerable families. A selection of these books is now available to order at

CCLF does not receive money from book sales. First Book Canada recovers the publishers’ charge plus a modest handling fee. We thank the publishers for their commitment to getting books to all children by making these books available at reduced prices.

Who can use the portal?

Groups registered as First Book Canada partners can make orders. See if you are eligible here.

Can I order for my family?

Sorry, the book selection is not for individual or family purchases.

Why these books?

The Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation worked with program specialists to curate the book selection on the portal based on the books offered by publishers and the interests programs told us about. We are starting with books for babies and young children.

What languages do you have books in?

We’ve started with English, French, Plains Cree and Spanish but we expect to be adding more languages. Let us know what language you are looking for at

Can we suggest titles or types of books?

Please do. We are eager to help fill content gaps and are looking forward to expanding the content as the service becomes more widely known and used.

Are you interested in more publishers participating?

We would welcome more publishers. Please get in touch.