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April 19, 2021

Federal Budget 2021 - Early Learning and Childcare

The federal government’s April 19 budget announcement included a historic commitment to establishing a Canada-Wide Early Learning and Childcare System.

In particular, we are heartened to see a strong understanding of the value of high-quality early learning on children’s lives – including improving graduation rates, promoting lifelong well-being, boosting lifetime earning and increasing social equity. The references to important research from Dr. Fraser Mustard, the Honourable Margaret McCain, and Craig Alexander are positive signs that the Government of Canada is on the right track.

This budget is a strong step towards an accessible, affordable and high-quality pan-Canadian system, as advocated for in our collective pre-budget submission. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with the literacy community and all levels of government to ensure improved children’s literacy is a goal of that system.

Join us in working toward a brighter, more literate future for all children in Canada. You can reach us at